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There being an incomplete quorum on Feb 3, there was no council meeting held.

The Village of Dunkirk council met in regular session on February 18, 2020. Mayor Cramer presiding.  Roll call-Gibson, Marshman, Rickle, Cramer, and Baum present.  Prater absent. Motion by Gibson, second by Cramer, to approve minutes as presented.  Motion passed 5-0. 

            Guests:  Commissioner Candidates – Fred Rush, Russell Blue, and Roger Crowe were present to introduce themselves and answer any questions/concerns with their candidacy. 

                HN Superintendent Price was present to observe and keep communications open with the village.

                Old Business:   none

 New Business:   Marshman noted he would miss the March 3 meeting due to a vacation.

Baum confirmed with Evans that ‘the apartment situation” was taken care, no other detail was shared with council.

                Superintendent’s Report:  Evans stated he had contacted AEP three times over the light in the alley but Rickle confirmed it is still not on.  The other one reported was now on.  He will contact AEP once again.  Next Evans reported that someone is driving cars on the railroad properties and has devised a way to find out who it is should they repeat this action.  He added that if they do and are identified it will be turned over to the sheriff.  It was announced that the game gear shed at the park was broken into.  Evans tried to get a coach to help with contents but with sheriff there they peered inside and there were no footprints in the lime coating on the floor so it is believed nothing was taken. 

                 Fiscal Officer’s Report: Correspondence Received:. OBWC – Cramer case notices of hearings, records of appeal, other misc copies of forms sent to Cramer; AOS – confirmation on receipt of annual financial report, notes to the financials, and Hinkle notes.  AEP (R Dougherty)-summation of issues leading to power issue of Jan 25 in which traffic lights and village cameras were effected;  Basol Maintenance – pricing for janitorial supplies;  OH EPA-CY19 sewer and water rate survey; Nina Jackson (IPA)-questionnaire for AUP; Linda Hoetger (email)- requesting a proclamation.  Correspondence Sent:   OBWC – performed payroll true-up; completed the 300AP report; Rona Homes – address assignment confirmation for new home on S Walnut; PERSO – paperwork for insurance claim on Jan 25 power surge; First Citizens Visa-requesting limit increase since her card is now the only purchasing card for both departments (already approved and on card)  Reports Presented:   January bank reconciliation; payment and receipt listings; wage earnings; investment listing; fund summary; revenue and appropriation status; appropriation supplemental.  2019 Attendance records were provided to all members. Income Taxes:  Stated that she was asked by RITA to be sure to inform council that 2020 would be lower on income due to being a month behind on distributions while getting started with them.  FO Spencer noted that she has sent another packet of tax items received to the Village and that the first distribution was recently direct deposited.  Other Misc:   FO Spencer listed tasks recently completed – year end reporting, closing of 2019 on UAN, notes to the financials, annual financial report, Hinkle Notes, and prepared and mailed W2s, 1099Misc and 1099Gs.  She suggested council pay attention to HB34.  Asked if council wanted to keep the Verizon account since the phone is no longer being used.  All agreed to discontinue the service.  Last she requested that the finance committee meet to finalize the permanent budget for 2020.  Meeting was set for March 10 at 3pm.

Motion by Gibson, second by Baum, to enter into executive session to discuss hiring.  Motion passed 5-0.

                Motion by Cramer, second by Rickle, that the council exit executive session and re-open the meeting to the public.

                Mayor Cramer stated she would contact the solicitor regarding a contract.  Motion by Marshman, second by Rickle, to authorize Mayor Cramer to offer Todd and Garrett Hackworth a proposal contract for the next meeting.  Motion passed 5-0. 

                Next, Gibson motioned with a second by Marshman, to pay former employee, Patrick McCoy, a gross pay of $864 for contracted hours he was shorted from February 2015 to February 2017.  Motion passed 5-0.

Legislation:  none

Solicitor’s Report:    n/a

Mayor’s Report:    none

Motion by Baum, second by Gibson, to accept the financial reports as presented.  Motion passed 5-0.

Motion by Cramer, second by Gibson, to accept the bills as presented:

ACE HARDWARE           MISC PARTS                                           $          52.17

OHIO811                        ANNUAL ASSESSMENT                         $          75.00

SETH BUSCH INFO TECH      JAN WEBHOSTING                      $          12.87

USDA                                 LOAN PAYMENT (APRIL 1)                  $108,228.75


Motion passed 5-0.

Motion to adjourn until the next regular meeting, March 3rd, 2020, made by Cramer, second by Rickle, and passed 5-0.