Dunkirk sits at multiple crossroads.... State Route 81 and US Route 68 cross on the South end of the Village; US Route 68 also crosses with US Route 30 about a mile North of the Village. The N-S and E-W rails, made famous by the runaway train on which a movie was based, cross in the Village as well.


Dunkirk is a small town with a lot of heart. While there are sometimes conflicts, as with any village, in the face of a tragedy most of our people come together and the love can be felt beyond our corporation limits. Our residents have proven, time and time again ,that "Together We Can Make a Difference". 


The Village sponsors an HN Community Family Fun Day as a way to give back to the people. There is an HN Community Center that has a thrift store for those in need, and is the location for a monthly community meal to try and bring Unity back into the Community.  The meals are provided by several local businesses and organizations. While donations are welcome, both the fun day and the community meal are free to those who work, worship, live, or attend school in the in Hardin Northern school district.